Many people seek therapy when a social, emotional, or behavioral problem begins to negatively impact their everyday functioning.  In other words, if the issue you are struggling with begins to impact your relationships, job/school performance, or ability to engage in and experience pleasurable activities – it is likely time to seek professional help.  To help with your decision to see a psychologist, the Canadian Psychology Association has some helpful information on What to Expect from a Psychologist and  Deciding to See a Psychologist.

The amount of time before people start to feel better varies depending on factors such as: a) the issue we are working on, b) motivation to change, and c) the nature of the goals we develop.  Many of my clients begin to feel better and meet their goals in approximately 3 – 7 sessions but in some cases it will take longer before change is experienced.  I am better able to address this question with clients after their initial session when I have a more comprehensive understanding of their history, the problem they are facing and their personal goals for counselling.

Therapy sessions last 50 minutes, leaving 10 minutes for documentation/notes.

All Registered Psychologists in Alberta adhere to strict standards regarding confidentiality as set out by the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP).  Confidentiality in therapy means that all information that clients provide in session remains confidential with a few rare exceptions to this rule that we will discuss in detail during the first session.

A referral is not necessary.  After you contact me we will either set up a free 15-20 minute phone consultation or exchange information via email to see if I have availability as well as if I’m a good “match” in regards to helping meet your unique goals.  From there we book our first appointment and if an appointment is not booked I will provide you with appropriate referral options.   

I ask that clients provide 24 hours notice if they have to cancel an appointment.  If appointments are missed or cancelled without 24 hour notice a full session fee will be charged.